Thursday, April 22, 2010

18 ~My Happy Birthday Comes!~

Well I guess it's finally time to my long overdue 18th Birthday post. It's the 22nd now and my Birthday was the 10th. Yeah I'm lazy, so sue me. XD Actually I was really planning on waiting until my Morning Musume CDs came in to make my post. But they won't be in until the 28th, and I'm sick of waiting. So, I just decided to make it now. And I'll update on the 28th, or around the 28th. Oh and my illusive Gazette CD was supposed to be in a while ago. But idk when I'll actually end up getting that. XD

Because it was my birthday I had my favorite food tacos.

See. XD

The filling.

Me eating one. Don't I look terrible sexy? Also, eating in my pajamas FTW! ._.

I also made adorable cupcakes in honor of my birthday.

Which of course had to be chocolate and strawberry.

On these cupcake you can see the Mickey Mouse confetti on them. Cause I love Mickey. XDXD

On to the presents.

I had to get New Moon. Even though the books and movies are TERRIBLE. I had to cause Jackson and Taylor are pretty hot. But Jackson was in it for a grand total of 5 seconds. :/ I'd like to see them try to toned done his character in Eclipse. And yet somehow they still will. XD

Of course I had to get the New Moon that came with a film cell.

Volume 2 of JONAS cause I'm lame.

It came with magnets! XD

Jonas Brothers- A little bit longer.

I recently got a DS so I had to get a few games. It's sad I wanted Rhythm Heaven half because it looked cool and half because Tsunku made it.

Fall Out Boy's greatest hits. That I had to get just so I can own every single CD by them.

Nami Tamaki's Make Progress, which I've wanted since it was released. But it was like $40, so I'm just getting it now. :/

Gazette's Disorder. Gazette was best during the Disorder and NIL time.

MYV Pops! You know I had to get some Miyavi CD. Even though this is essentially a greatest hits CD, I have to have all his CDs. Besides this is the LE version, that comes with 30 page booklet and DVD. EPIC WIN!

Miyavi always has the best looking CDs. XD

My new shirt the Jonas Brothers would be proud of. ;] And plus I'm mad for plaid.

My dress, which you can't really see. Stupid pink blanket. XD

I couldn't really call myself and Alien enthusiast without a book by Zecharia Sitchin, now could I? I want books 2-6 now! XD

Now for songs that have to do with 18.

I was going to dub this just for fun, but I don't know the words at all. And I didn't feel like learning them. XD

And since I'm 18 now I can say 17sai yo Sayounara. XP

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter 2010!~

Yesterday was Easter sunday, so of course I had to take like a hundred pictures of it. Well, not actually a hundred, but close to 50. XD I think I'm just a little to into taking picture for this blog. But anyway, onto the pictures.

This year's bunny cake. I was pretty epic at frosting it.

Egg dye.

Me dying an egg, that of course had to be pink. But lolz at how horrible I look. ._.

Heather. ;P

Mi madre.

My awesome Dharma egg. Which isn't as cool if you don't watch lost. Actual quote for Heather "I'm so angry, that's the best egg of the night." Of course it is. ;]

Do you prefer regular groogle or groogle chrome?

Team Jasper because Jackson Rathbone is love.

Heather's Team Jacob egg. XD

OMG it's Monkey o'clock! *throws up in bed*

Europeans, the people from Europa. lol. :P

Dude, I can't even crunk. But that's ok because neither can Kevin Jonas.

It says get me some pie bitch. Which also isn't cool if you don't watch Supernatural.

I can't quite see what this egg says, it's way too fozzy.

You do it on purpose! I mean come on, it's so obvious that you do.

Mom has crabs. ;]

All the finished eggs.

And on the 6th day God made Jelly Belly. ._. There's seriously amazing though.

My Easter basket. That's right I'm 18 17 and I still get an Easter basket.

Bunny money. What? it's adorable.

I also got Stargate finally. Now all I have to do is watch 20 seasons of each series to be caught up. o_O

Heather's basket.

Heather got Ferris Buellers's Day Off, which I've actually never seen.

Awesome bunny tin.

The inside.

And with that we move onto the food section. XD

The ham precooked.

Cheese for sandwiches.

The ham cooked.


Sweet potatoes. Gross. x_x

Deviled eggs. Gross.

Stuffed mushrooms. Gross.

We also had lasagna and corn pudding, but by the time I could take a picture it was already dinner time. And I didn't see the point taking a picture after that.

Now it's time for the Amy Easter picspam.

My bunny ears which I ate dinner in a received weird looks for. Also I love my dress.

Heather's pictures always turn out foggy. ._.

I couldn't stop laughing for some reason.

No, really I couldn't.

My signature peace sign.

I can never take pictures of myself unless there horizontal. :/


I don't know why I always do kissy face. I always end up looking stupid.

Heather said you should make weird faces now.

I'm not sure what this is all about. XD

Bunny ears!

Weird face. ._.

I tried to get all of my dress, but that kinda backfired.

I wanted a normal looking picture of me without the ears on.